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ATV Electrical Components FAQs

What are the most important ATV electrical components and parts?

One of the most important electrical components to keep an eye on is your ATV battery. ATVs run on power sport batteries like those found in motorcycles and other recreational vehicles. They are not the same as car batteries. There are several different types of power sport ATV batteries you can choose from, including flooded lead acid, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), and lithium iron phosphate batteries.

How do I know if there’s a problem with my ATV electrical system?

If your ATV won’t start, periodically loses power, or if you’re not seeing any power on the display, there is likely an underlying problem with the electrical system. If you suspect an electrical issue, you should inspect your kill switch, main power switch, ignition switch, wiring, and battery (charge, condition, and connections). Read our guide to ATV repairs for more tips and tricks.

What are the most common ATV electrical issues?

Some of the most common electrical problems include the following: kill switch or power switch in the wrong position, wires or cables corroded or damaged from water exposure, loose or disconnected battery connections, dead or uncharged battery, blown fuses, and short circuits. If there’s no obvious problem after inspecting these parts, it’s a good idea to get a full electrical system inspection.

What brands of ATV electrical parts do you carry and recommend?

A few of the trusted ATV electrical brands we carry include Fire Power, Open Trail, Pro Taper, QuadBoss, Rigid, and Trail Tech. These brands are known for producing reliable, long-lasting electrical replacement parts that you can count on.

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