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Shop our wide selection of high-performance ATV engine parts, including all the cylinder kits, gaskets, oil filters, and pistons you need to keep your quad running smoothly. These reliable engine products will boost your ATV power and performance so that you can get outside and ride with maximum confidence. Enjoy fast and free shipping in the continental U.S. on orders over $10!

ATV Engine FAQs

How do ATV engines work?

ATV engines pull oxygen and fuel into the combustion chamber, where the piston propels upwards to combine and combust the mixture. ATVs have two main types of engines: two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines. It’s important to know what kind of engine your ATV has if you’re going to attempt any repairs or rebuilds on your own.

When should I rebuild my ATV engine?

If properly maintained, most ATV engines will last around 20 years or so. There are several signs of ATV engine problems that may signal the time has come for an engine repair, replacement, or rebuild including loss of power, stalling engine, reduction in gas mileage, unusual odors, excessive smoke, and ticking noises.

Where should I start with my ATV engine repair?

ATV engine repairs, rebuilds, and replacements are more costly and complex than other types of repairs. Because so many different parts make up the engine system, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact problem. Referring to your owner’s manual is the best place to start. Refer to our ATV repair guide for more DIY tips.

What are the best aftermarket brands for ATV engine parts?

If you need to replace one of your ATV engine parts, you can either buy OEM parts from your original bike manufacturer or upgrade to exact fit aftermarket parts. For aftermarket engine parts, we recommend trusted brands like CylinderWorks for cylinder parts and cylinder kits, ProFilter for oil filters and accessories, and Rival Powersports USA for radiator relocation kits.

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