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FAQs: ATV Wheels and Tires

What type of ATV tires are best?

The type of ATV tires you need will depend on your specific ATV and your style of riding. Most ATVs come with standard all-terrain tires which are designed for general riding on multiple types of terrain that is not too rough or extreme. Upgrade options include all-terrain racing tires, all-terrain utility tires, mud tires, sand tires, snow tires, and more.

Should I repair or replace my ATV tires?

If one of your ATV tires is damaged, you’ll have to carefully consider whether to repair or replace it. Not all ATV tire punctures can be repaired, and in most cases, patching up punctures is just a short-term solution. If a repair is possible, you can buy an ATV tire repair kit on our website with all the materials you need to plug and patch up an ATV tire on your own. Check out our ATV repair guide for more tips and information.

What size tires will fit my ATV?

ATV tires come in all different shapes, sizes, and compositions. Depending on your ATV and riding style you might need flat, 2-ply, treadless sand tires with a 12” wheel diameter or round, 8-ply, deep tread, all-terrain tires with a 14” wheel diameter. ATV tires come in standard and metric sizes, each using its own format. Read our guide to selecting ATV tires for sizing guides and detailed instructions.

Why upgrade ATV wheels and tires?

If you upgrade to bigger ATV wheels and tires, you can gain valuable ground clearance. For even more ground clearance, consider an ATV suspension lift kit upgrade. With bigger ATV tires, you can also improve traction in rougher types of terrain such as deep mud, sand, or heavy snow. The size and width of your ATV tires should depend on the types of terrain you frequent and your desired speed.

Our ZMP Guarantee

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