ASV ASV F4 Series MX Brake and Clutch Levers Pair Pack #BCF40106SX

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  • Pair pack includes a brake and clutch lever with upgradable ASV-design perch
  • Brake and clutch perch upgrades include optional dust cover and ASV Rotator Clamp available for purchase separately
  • Unbreakable lever with pivot design
  • On-the-fly adjustable reach with 4 inches of range
  • Micro-indexing dial reach adjuster
  • Forged aluminum
  • Anodized and laser-etched
  • Precision-sealed bearing in the pivot
  • Chrome silicon high-tension spring
  • Stainless-steel fasteners
  • Completely rebuildable 4-year unconditional guarantee
  • Made in the USA

All ASV Lever Pair Packs only work with hydraulic brakes. These are not designed to use with cable brakes.

Honda CR 80/85 (92-07)
Honda CR125/250/500 (92-03)
Honda CR125/250 (04-07)
Honda CRF125F/150F/230F (03-19)
Honda XR200R/250R (82-03)
Suzuki DRZ125L/250 (04-18)
Suzuki RM65/85 (03-18)
Suzuki RM125/250 (96-09)
Suzuki RMZ 250 (08-18)
Suzuki RMZ 450 (05;08-18)
Yamaha TTR230 (99-18)
Yamaha WR250F/400F/426F (02-03)
Yamaha YZ80/85 (01-18)
Yamaha YZ125/250 (01-07)
Kawasaki KDX200 (00-18)
Kawasaki KLX125 Disc Brake/KLX250 (04-18)
Kawasaki KX65/85/100/125/250/500 (00-18)
Kawasaki KX450F (09-12)
Kawasaki KX250F (11-12)


Start in gear switch and parking brake are eliminated with the use of this perch.

Honda>CR80R>1992-2002|Honda>CR85R>2003-2007|Honda>CR125R>1992-2007|Honda>CR250R>1992-2007|Honda>CR500R>1992-2001|Honda>CRF125F>2014-2018|Honda>CRF150F>2003-2017|Honda>CRF230F>2003-2017|Honda>XR200R>1982-2002|Honda>XR250R>1982-2003|Suzuki>DR-Z125L>2003-2018|Suzuki>DR-Z250>2004-2007|Suzuki>RM65>2003-2005|Suzuki>RM85>2003-2018|Suzuki>RM125>1996-2007|Suzuki>RM250>1996-2008|Suzuki>RM-Z 250>2008-2018|Suzuki>RM-Z 450>2005|Suzuki>RM-Z 450>2008-2018|Yamaha>TT-R230>2005-2018|Yamaha>WR250F>2002-2003|Yamaha>WR400F>2002-2003|Yamaha>WR426F>2002|Yamaha>YZ80>2001|Yamaha>YZ85>2002-2018|Yamaha>YZ125>2001-2007|Yamaha>YZ250>2001-2007|Kawasaki>KDX 200>2000-2018|Kawasaki>KLX125 Disc Brake>2004-2006|Kawasaki>KX65>2000-2018|Kawasaki>KX85>2001-2018|Kawasaki>KX100>2000-2018|Kawasaki>KX125>2000-2005|Kawasaki>KX250>2000-2007|Kawasaki>KX500>2000-2004|Kawasaki>KX450F>2009-2012|Kawasaki>KX250F>2011-2012